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"I want my art to inspire people to face challenges more courageously, to develop faith in themselves, and to lead people on an unstoppable ride to their dreams."


Art is for me the greatest motivation in life. To transport lived experiences and associated emotions, to make them visible and furthermore to encourage to break out of habitual patterns of thinking. I set myself these challenges anew every day.

Art is a kind of return to oneself and at the same time a creative process. If you want change, you have to face the necessary challenges.

With my art I would like to inspire to take new courage, to strengthen the inner belief in oneself, which leads one on an inexorably developing journey and realization of one's dreams.

The interaction of colors and shapes in plastic layers creates the magic necessary for this. For a split second, the true connection is created, which can change the viewer and encourage him to completely pause and become more aware of his strength than ever. 

From surgery to art


Always an art enthusiast, Julia decided on the supposedly more sensible path, studied medicine and became a surgeon.

The experiences that one is confronted with every day in surgery - always the human being in the center with all his suffering, pain and weakness, but also healing, joy and life - are drastic, formative and intense. Confronted with reality on a daily basis in medical practice, Julia is able to give free rein to her impressions and emotions in art. Concise and intense works have become her hobbyhorse.

Driven by always new challenges, she plays in an impressive way with the possibility to experimentally experience different techniques and to realize herself. The focus is on abstract acrylic painting. Several of her works have already been exhibited in various international galleries. Julia was born in 1981 and lives in Mannheim.

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